88+ Best Young Dolph Quotes from Song About Money and Life

Young Dolph, the celebrated American rapper, and entrepreneur, has captivated audiences with his distinctive style and powerful lyrics. Known for his unapologetic demeanor and authentic storytelling, he has left an indelible mark on hip-hop. Beyond his music, he is revered for his motivational and thought-provoking quotes, which resonate with fans and inspire individuals of all backgrounds. Here we have shared the best Young Dolph quotes, which will inspire you greatly.

With a unique blend of street wisdom and entrepreneurial spirit, Young Dolph’s words of wisdom encapsulate the essence of his journey from humble beginnings to remarkable success. In this concise introduction, we delve into the world of these quotes, exploring their profound impact on his fans and the wider community. From his lyrical prowess to his entrepreneurial mindset, these quotes encapsulate the essence of his artistry and remind us that anyone can turn their dreams into reality with perseverance and ambition.

Young Dolph Quotes

Ain’t nothing like family. – Young Dolph

At the end of the day that’s the only thing you can’t pay for, the thing you can’t get back. So you gotta learn to sacrifice that time to put something you trying to invest in. – Young Dolph

At the end of the day, don’t nobody go into business to lose money. – Young Dolph

But that was our thing from day one: to make Paper Route Empire strong. That’s why I never wanted to sign to no label. – Young Dolph

Dodge all the suckas. – Young Dolph

Dolph writing movies. Dolph into fashion. – Young Dolph

Every decision you make, you got to stand on that decision. – Young Dolph

Everybody you see around me, they’re kings. Every last one of them. I ain’t the only one that got paper. – Young Dolph

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Everything I know and everything I got, I had to teach myself. – Young Dolph

Hell yeah, I’ve influenced a whole lot. – Young Dolph

I ain’t finna be beefing back and forth about no girl, bruh. I’m not doing that. – Young Dolph

I don’t have no deadbeat dads around me. How do you look hanging with me, when I got kids that I am taking care of and you in the backseat not taking care of your kids? Young Dolph

I’m always doing my part as a CEO. – Young Dolph

I’m done doing music so I can go kick it with my son. – Young Dolph

I’m grown now. I ain’t a kid no more. – Young Dolph

I’m here to satisfy the people. I’m here to teach. I’m here to motivate. I’m here to give people the adrenaline, the push and support. – Young Dolph

I’m not going to play with the police. – Young Dolph

I’m not like most artists or most CEOs – I’m a CEO first, then an artist. – Young Dolph

I’m not trying to regret nothing in my career. – Young Dolph

I’m through buying cars. I’m through buying jewelry. – Young Dolph

It was a strategic plan, because prior to us doing ‘Dum and Dummer,’ me and Glock never had music together. So I planned it that way – because I always wanted Glock to take off and go big on his own, without a Dolph co-sign or Dolph feature. – Young Dolph

It’s just like, we know how to push ourselves to the max. – Young Dolph

It’s really important for everyone in our community to stand for something. – Young Dolph

I’ve been targeted since I was 17, 18, 19. – Young Dolph

Listen to ‘Dream.’ It’s just me all the way. It’s like raw. It’s gutter. It’s real. It’s authentic. It ain’t like nobody else. Don’t sound like nobody else, no nothing. – Young Dolph

Man, I really think I was just fascinated with money… and I always wanted it growing up. I always wanted money… Once I got upwards in age, the older I got, the more fascinated I got with money. – Young Dolph

Man, my little boy wanted to hear some new music. So it was like, I can’t just play all my music around him, so I got to go ahead and make a whole project so I can get it clean, and have a clean version of all the songs just so he can listen to my music, you feel me? Young Dolph

Memphis wasn’t hot before Dolph came out. – Young Dolph

Music is like art, so I just paint all my pictures and put ’em out there. – Young Dolph

My cousin put me on Three 6 Mafia and Playa Fly. My other big cousin put me on 8Ball and MJG. – Young Dolph

Never downplay nobody. – Young Dolph

Not a lot of people make it out from where I’m from but I’m a living example showing you that it’s possible. Word hard, play hard. – Young Dolph

Once you been listening to the same CD for, like, two weeks, three weeks, it get old to you. You need something new. – Young Dolph

People, my age, people older, people younger, it’s like they look up to me. They listen to my lyrics for wisdom. They listen to my lyrics for like game. They listen to my lyrics for real deal beneficial purposes. – Young Dolph

Really, more than everything, I’m excited to showcase these talents that I got around me. – Young Dolph

RIP to George Floyd and condolences to the whole family. – Young Dolph

The first rap I recorded was on Jeezy’s ‘White Girl’ beat. One of my partners invited me to his studio, so I go. I wasn’t planning on recording, we were just messing around. And I started recording a song, just a freestyle. Back then, Jeezy was going so hard, that’s what everyone was on. That’s what me and my partners in the trap would listen to. – Young Dolph

There were two hoods, Magnolia and Castalia; I went to Magnolia Elementary. Back then there was slick beefing – all the Castalia kids would go over to Magnolia. – Young Dolph

There’s a lot of people in this game that wait for Paper Route, Dolph or Glock to drop just to get that new lingo and style and see what type of creativity we on. – Young Dolph

This has always been my plan and my vision, to build a strong team and build artists like Glock. I always knew I could do it with artists, because I saw what I did for myself as an artist. – Young Dolph

We ain’t got no limit with nothing we do, even if it’s not music-related. – Young Dolph

We did so much music together, before he got locked up, it’s just, Gucci, he don’t hold on to music. He like, Man, let’s put this out, let’s put that out, let’s put this out. That’s what he do. He like to put out a lot of music. – Young Dolph

We just like having fun with everything we do. – Young Dolph

What matters to everybody else don’t matter to me. – Young Dolph

Whatever it is we doing, we gonna do it to our very best. – Young Dolph

Whatever you want to do, just make solid decisions. – Young Dolph

When I first started rapping, one of my partners who kept telling me to do music, I had asked him who I should buy some beats from, and he said DJ Squeeky. – Young Dolph

When I get my music mixed, I’m actually in the studio with the engineer, every project I’ve ever put out. So it’s supposed to always say mixed by whatever engineer I use and Dolph. – Young Dolph

When I talk about success I don’t mean music business, I just mean the people around me. – Young Dolph

When I’m finished doing music or whatever, I want people to remember me as just being great. – Young Dolph

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When people think Down South they think: ‘They’re not up on game,’ or ‘They ain’t hip.’ Young Dolph

Young Dolph Quotes from Songs

Been workin’ my whole life, but I ain’t never punched a clock. – Preach

To be honest, I don’t care ’bout your opinion, where the check? – To Be Honest

Real bosses don’t talk, we just sit back and listen. – Preach

I’m nothin’ like the rest, so what the f*ck did you expect? – To Be Honest

Out here in these streets, it ain’t no such thing as love. – Preach

Smelling like a pound walkin’ in the bank. – Pulled Up

She kept it so real that I love her forever. – Foreva

If you ain’t talkin’ money, I don’t wanna talk. – Get This Money

young dolph quotes from songs

If I want it bad enough, then I go get it. – If

They don’t want you to live, they don’t want you to ball. – 100 Shots

One thing about it, I’ma get money long as I live. – By Mistake

Elevator was too crowded, so I took the stairs. – 1 Scale ft G Herbo

I make it look too easy, I carry my whole hood on my shoulders. – Hold Up Hold Up Hold Up

If money not in the equation, please do not approach us. – Hold Up Hold Up Hold Up

Gotta put me up there with the greatest. – Hall of Fame

Hide my pain and tears in a verse. – Get Away

Ain’t no stylist needed here, crazy with the fashion. – RNB ft Megan Thee Stallion

Sacrificed it all for the family. – Get Away

Young Dolph Quotes About Money

I always liked money, so when I was 15, 16 I went headfirst in the streets. – Young Dolph

In a relationship, whether you got money to deal with it or no money to deal with it, the best relationships are going to be the ones where you understand each other. – Young Dolph

In the game, you’ve got some people who’ve got money, but their music is kind of off, their music is garbage. Then, you have people with good music, but they ain’t got the biggest part: They ain’t got the funds. But me, I’m just all the way around the board. – Young Dolph

It’s a big world and I got a lotta money to get. – Young Dolph

It’s the reality of being Black in this country. You can have money, and you can be a benefactor and a leader in your community, but all people see is Black skin. – Young Dolph

That first tape I did dropped in 2009. It was just for fun, I’m like ‘I’m just going to do something to have fun.’ Everyone was just ‘put out a tape. You’re young. You’ve got money. It ain’t gonna hurt you. Who’s it gonna hurt?’ So what I ended up doing was I put out the tape, pressed up 20,000 CDs, flooded the streets. – Young Dolph

The best thing is to invest in yourself, because it takes money to make money. – Young Dolph

young dolph quotes about money

There are three rules for being in the Paper Route Illuminati. Rule number one: get the money first. Rule number two: don’t forget to get the money. How do you make that money? You can’t make money without making sacrifices. – Young Dolph

Don’t try to… go to work and try to go to the other job. And if you is gonna do other things on the side, make sure it’s like it’s only for the money just to support what you really want to do and you give it your all.

I ain’t never wanted nothin’ in my whole life but some f*cking money. That’s all I ever wanted.

I’m going to invest in my career. I’ma invest in my future. I’ll invest in little dude next to me just because I see something in him. I’m going to do anything that’s beneficial, that I see bringing my future to life. So that’s my money and my time.

Rule number one: get the money first. Rule number two: don’t forget to get the money.

With the streets in my rear view, I adopted a get-money attitude and hustler mentality early-on, which helped me later on in life as I developed my career as a rapper.

Motivation Young Dolph Quotes

I don’t give a damn if it’s a hustle that’s already big or you go to work at Kroger every day, the grocery store. Or you work at Walmart. You work, so I respect you. You don’t work, what can we do? We can’t relate. – Young Dolph

I told myself, if I sacrifice Young Dolph and never sign to a major label and I get Young Dolph hot? I’m going to earn and get all of these relationships and do a lot of networking. I’m gonna know the business, all the way, ins and outs. – Young Dolph

I’m willing to help anyone who is working hard. – Young Dolph

Never stop working. Never stop, never get satisfied. – Young Dolph

People that know they gotta work every day, them the kinda people I respect. – Young Dolph

You work hard enough everybody going to see it. – Young Dolph

As long as I keep going up and keep working, my value is going to increase. – Young Dolph

I respect the hustle, because I live and breathe it. – Young Dolph

I’m grown now. I ain’t a kid no more. I got responsibilities I got to take on whether I like it or not. – Young Dolph

It’s always easier in retrospect to be confident in the decisions you’ve made if they actually worked out. – Young Dolph

My own transformation from boyhood was accelerated by my grandmother’s passing when I was 16 or 17. – Young Dolph

motivation young dolph quotes

While you’re waiting on even trying to do anything, try investing in yourself. – Young Dolph

When you come to Memphis you get the family vibe. All of my partners, friends, they’re from my neighborhood. – Young Dolph I’m not just an artist. I’m a CEO. – Young Dolph

When you from Down South, it’s, ‘You’re a trap rapper,’ ‘You’re a street rapper.’ They try to put you in a category. – Young Dolph

When Young Dolph dead and gone, people still going to be talking about the Paper Route Empire. – Young Dolph

Yeah, I was going to have no features on ‘Bulletproof.’ But I ended up putting Gucci Mane on it. That’s just my partner. He’s just one of my personal friends. It ain’t no different for him from my homeboys in Memphis. I just have a real personal relationship. I met Gucci Mane through my partner Drumma Boy, the producer. – Young Dolph

You ain’t got to run your mouth. All you got to do is let you actions speak. – Young Dolph

You can’t be playing halfway or you are gonna get halfway results. – Young Dolph

You learn how to take sacrifices, you learn to give things up to get into something you’re trying to get into. – Young Dolph

You make good music, you’re going to get good results. – Young Dolph

Young Dolph Quotes About Life

Baller Alert’ is based on my lifestyle. As I talk about in the song, I’ve done a lot of dirt and worked hard to get to where I am. This song, like a lot of my songs, is about celebrating life. – Young Dolph

Dumb & Dumber’ is one of my and Glock’s favorite movies. We do stuff in real life that’s just like they do in that movie. – Young Dolph

I didn’t agree with everything she was trying to get me to do and teach me, but once I got old enough, I understood everything. I’m thinking she was being mean. I’m like, ‘Damn, I just want to have fun. I just want to go outside, Grandma, play with the rest of the kids and kick it and ride bikes.’ She prepared me for life with all of the rules. – Young Dolph

I know what the streets want to hear, I know what the streets going through, the lingo, the fashion, everything. It ain’t nothing; it’s my real life. – Young Dolph

young dolph quotes about life

I’ve been enjoying life for a while. – Young Dolph

My haters is bigger than life. – Young Dolph

You only get one shot at life, one life to live, make the most out of it put as many smiles as you can on people’s faces, help as many people as you can, get you some paper. Live life, you and your folks. – Young Dolph

Loyalty Young Dolph Quotes

I have to think big. – Young Dolph

I know how to make myself hot. I can drop my own music. I can shoot my own videos. – Young Dolph

I like peace and quiet. It’s like I’m a loner. – Young Dolph

I like seeing new artists with no buzz, because I can give them game, and they’ll take that and run with it. It’s not like someone who’s been around that feels like they know it all. – Young Dolph

I really don’t like showing my hand. – Young Dolph

I respect people that build a career for themselves. – Young Dolph

I told my grandma a long time ago that I was going to take my mom and dad out the hood. – Young Dolph

I was always real deep into music. From everything, all around the board – from East Coast, West Coast, down South, everywhere. I just been a fan of music and I know I always wanted to do it myself and I wanted to do it my way. So, I told myself if I ever start doing music, I’ma do it my way. That’s what made me start my own label. – Young Dolph

I’d rather motivate somebody all day long. – Young Dolph

If there’s something negative about you, you’ve got to bring out the positive to the front. – Young Dolph

I’m a person. I don’t like having security. – Young Dolph

I don’t wanna be like everybody else. – Young Dolph

I don’t want to play police games. When you start playing police games, I take myself out of the equation. – Young Dolph

loyalty young dolph quotes

I got a lot of artists, and I been dropping all my artists’ projects, and they going up. – Young Dolph

I got a record label and I got a couple artists signed. All of them got real-deal. – Young Dolph

I got responsibilities I got to take on whether I like it or not. – Young Dolph

Young Dolph Quotes About Love

Out here in these streets, it ain’t no such thing as love.

She kept it so real that I love her forever.

You really got people that you got to talk to every day, you got teams that you gotta work with every day. You lose track of… not real life, but the people that really love you. It becomes a distanced thing because you give that job all of your time. – Young Dolph

My mom and dad are from the streets. My mom’s from Chicago. My dad’s from Memphis. My dad got out of school and got with my mom. They were hustlers. They were from the streets. They were doing their thing. The streets ain’t got no love for the streets. You can light up the streets, or be a victim of the streets. – Young Dolph

Real respects real, so if you can get Memphis to love you, you have to have something real there. Memphis doesn’t just support anybody. – Young Dolph

young dolph quotes about love

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